As we enter a new decade, one wonders what will change in the field of education. The past 10 years yielded a great level of change. Prior to 2000, online education was barely on the radar. Now it is the fastest growing portion of adult education in most community colleges and continuing education operations. Will online learning continue to grow at the recent growth rate of 15%? What technologies will be incorporated into deliveries of F2F and online courses? How will tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Second Life be used to foster learning?

Educational Swearing – Avoiding “Bad” Words You Might Love


Students enrolled in online learning performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.

Younger men and older adults flock to site

Facebook may have started as a site geared toward the college crowd, but as the most popular social network in the US, it has broadened its user base considerably. The Nielsen Company reported that in June 2009 Facebook had a unique US audience of more than 87 million people, compared with fewer than 63 million who visited MySpace that month.


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